VPN Setup Guide

Android VPN Setup Guide


How To Setup VPN on Android Devices

Under 'Settings' select 'Wireless & Network'.

Then select 'VPN Settings'.

Select 'Add VPN'.

Select 'Add PPTP VPN'.

Now fill in the fields with the below details:
VPN Name: vpnsolution.us
Set VPN server: usvpn.vpnsolution.us
Enable encryption is 'enabled' (by default)
DNS search domains: Keep blank

'Menu' button and 'Save'.

Next confirm add with storage password. This is your Android device password not your Vpnsolution password.

Now you have configured your VPN. Click on Vpnsolution VPN to connect.

Now add your Vpnsolution VPN username & password.

Once you make a successful connection, you will see a key icon in your notification area indicating you are connected to VPNSOLUTION.US

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