VPN Setup Guide

Mac OS VPN Setup Guide


Open System Preferences by going to Apple > System Preferences.

Select the Network icon in the System Preferences window.

Select the + button at the bottom left of the screen to add a new connection.

Select the following:
a. Interface: VPN
b. VPN Type: PPTP
c. Service Name: VPNSOLUTION
d. Select Create.

Click the arrows to the right Configuration and select Add Configuration from the drop down menu.

Enter VPNSOLUTION in the Name field and select Create.

From Network window enter the following information:

a. Server Address: usvpn.vpnsolution.us
b. Account Name: enter your username. (Optional) Check the Show VPN status menu bar box if you would like to start the VPN connection from your menu bar, otherwise you will need to open System Preferences.

Click the Advanced button.

Select Options. Verify Send all traffic over VPN connection is checked.

Click the OK button.
Click the Apply button.

Click the Connect button.

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