How to use TOTO VPN Connection on Windows 10

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To install a standalone version of TOTO Connection on your Windows computer, follow the next steps Download TOTO Connection software from link below.

TOTO Connection software requirement is Windows TAP and .NET Framework , if you do no installed this requirement on your windows in setup process these softwares will be appear and install

 1. After download extract the zip file and install the TOTO Connection. on next and follow the instructions (see the pictures below)

3.Make sure  .net framework and windows TAP are selected.

4. important dont change any of check mark.


7. now click on TOTO Connection icon on your desktop and wait to load.

8. Enter you username

9. Enter you Pssword

10. Choose your service (you can choose openvpn, tunnelplus, cisco vpn, stunnel, pptp and l2tp)

11. Choose you server on connect

if you got any firewall message pls click on allow

after you connected the successfully text will be appear in your connection and connection minimized to notification section in taskbar you can right click view the menu or dissconnect

How to use Kerio VPN on Windows 10

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amoozeshe etesal be KERIO VPN be soorate zir mibashad

say shode ke step by step amoozesh be soorate tasviri tozih dade shavad

first download the kerio software

1.after download and extract click on setup file on next and follow installation steps 

3.after installation complete click on finish

4.if kerio vpn doesnt automatically opens click on kerio icon on your desktop or notification section in taskbar 

and in server filed you can type TOTOVPS Kerio server from the below table

Kerio Servers
Server LocationServer Name

5.enter your username

6.enter your password on save password on connect

9. click on yes to accept the certificate

10.when you successfully connected to our kerio servers the kerio client minimized to notification in task bar and you can right click on it and click on dissconnect

How to use Cisco VPN on Windows 10

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First download Cisco Any Connect from below link for using our cisco vpn Service

1.after Download and extract click on setup file on next and follow setup instructions 

3. click on finish

4. search CISCO in search section of start menu 

5. The cisco anyconnect apear in start menu double click on it

6. in right side of program you can see the setting icon click on it

7. uncheck Block Connection to untrusted servers and then close the setting window 

8.type you server address from the below table

Kerio Servers
Server LocationServer Name
USA on connect on connect anyway

11. enter your username

12.enter your password and waiting to connection established

after you are using cisco vpn you can disconnect your connection like the below picture


You can use several services on Microsoft Windows 10

TOTO Connection - All in one VPN Connection( Recommended )

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You can use OpenVPN, sTunnel, TunnelPlus, PPTP and L2TP with this Connection

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Kerio VPN on Microsoft Windows 10

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Kerio VPN can be used for: Kerio VPN Server for connecting clients (desktops, notebooks, mobile devices etc...) Kerio VPN tunnel for connecting LANs.

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Cisco VPN on Microsoft Windows 10

Cisco VPN is an SSL VPN Services. Its purpose is to be a secure, small, fast . Data transport over TCP (HTTPS) or UDP (DTLS or ESP).

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